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schreibt. For more information about. A: You can use an ampersand to separate the tags in a tag pair. As you can see here: You can also use a dash or an underscore instead of the ampersand to separate the tags. Common Lisp Software available on Github - davedx If you like the Common Lisp language or programming language, maybe you should consider contributing a small change to one of the software libraries, or even a complete new software project.Here is a list of the projects I found on the web, most of them either are open source, or provide a source code. ====== hapless Kakuro is old, and does not have a stable language version. Likewise cl-ratio. I'm pretty sure cl-io is unmaintained. Other than those, I don't think the list is meaningful. ~~~ dhruval The versioning scheme on Kakuro is a bit erratic, but the code itself is generally fairly good. I don't know of any CL library with a better tool support than Kakuro. prof_hobart Yeah, Kakuro does seem to get a lot of use. But as I say, it has fairly poor tool support (IMO). ------ jff I think you should put in at least a link to the github projects instead of just the names. You know what, I did add the link at the bottom Ah, the effort I'm going to put into a comment rather than go find the program on github and read its README, then have to figure out how to clone it and add a comment to the README, then send a pull request... I may as well just say "hey, you can add something to our open source project xyz, and I guess it would be best



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S Das Textbook Of Surgery Pdf Free Download saheile

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